21 Feb

FUNCHAL (PORTUGAL), 21 February 2011 – The 2011 SuperMoto World and European Championships will kick off in approximately one month, and in the meantime riders and Teams are getting ready to face what will definitely be a new and breathtaking racing season.

Without any doubts, the forecasts concerning the new campaign are positive considering the fact that, despite the world wide economic turbulences and their impact on the global market, firms and Teams showed great interest in the sport.

A very significant initiative will feature the 2011 SuperMoto European Championship as the top three riders of the final standings will have the opportunity to enter the 2012 World Championship without paying the entry fee. This is a concrete sign that aims at supporting the new generations which intend to face the challenge of the more demanding S1 World Championship.

Such a chance also represents an important project to support those riders who experienced the European adventure of the SuperMoto and who are willing to take part in the prestigious World series without having to pay the entry fee. This will be an exclusive occasion not to be missed and which will surely bring great opportunities to those who will benefit from it.




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