26 Aug

TRISCINA (ITALY), 26 August 2011 – The delightful atmosphere perceived last night in Triscina is only a little detail of the amazing welcoming ceremony hosted in the picturesque Sicilian town.

The event was a special way to celebrate the upcoming Grand Prix of Sicily, to take place on Saturday and Sunday August 27th and 28th at the International Circuit of Triscina. The major Mr. Giovanni Pompeo, the deputy major Mrs. Giovanna Errante Parrino and the Sports town councillor Mr. Felice Scaglione greeted the racers of this season’s World and European Championships and expressed their pride of having such a Grand Prix taking place in their municipality for the second consecutive year.

The welcoming ceremony was a very pleasant moment even courtesy of the live folkloristic music that enlivened the night and the Grand Prix of Sicily Organizer offered to all the guests a selection of typical products belonging to the Sicilian gastronomic tradition.





Grand Prix of Sicily

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